I just want to take the time to say that Bound for Christmas (Club Kink) is a work of fiction. This story has nothing to do with real BDSM clubs, circumstances, or rules. This story is from my imagination and the characters are entirely fictional. Please, if you intend to explore this lifestyle, research greatly before you do. 

Please, be safe in all things. 



Club Kink

Sam Crescent

Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Leon Butters watched the other submissives within the club prepare his woman for him. Her training would soon begin, and he couldn’t wait to get started. She’d never been with another Dom before him. He’d be her first and only if he had his way. The submissive in question was Bernice Rowe. She worked at the local library, and he’d had his eye on her for some time. The moment she’d entered the exclusive BDSM club, appropriately titled Kink, on the outskirts of the city he’d been hooked on her. She had a wave of innocence about her that called to the most protective part of himself. Leon wanted to protect and claim her as his own.

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