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Listlessness In Early Automated Composition Devices

Harley Byrne

Copyright 2012 L’Institute Zoom

Smashwords Edition

Illustrated by Elly Strigner


Harley Byrne works in Manchester, 2012 A.D. for the UNIVERSAL EAR DIGICORP, a record company for whom he has pledged to record and make available for download “all the world’s music, ever”. This ongoing mission has seen him cross the length and breadth of the Earth, travelling through time with his shed-built Universal Ear recording device and frequently battling wits with his arch-enemy, Being, mysterious mistress of disguise.

We have presently been able to pre-construct parts of his memoirs, from which the following chapter is an extract.

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Listlessness in Early Automated Composition Devices

(From Volume 6, Part 3: So-called Experts of the Mid-Twentieth Century)

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