IMAGE Matters!

Love Notes

Lauren Solomon is truly the queen of image and the best kept secret behind the successful style of so many! The truth is that we all aspire to be “Solomon Approved.” When your brand takes a stand, that’s when your business explodes and clients start paying you what you're worth. I have experienced the magic of Lauren Solomon and now you get to, too!

Adryenn Ashley
Business Architect

Lauren KNOWS that in a NANO SECOND WORLD your clients’ attention is lost if you fail to impress in a blink. In her book, Lauren demonstrates how you, your message, and your brand become the BILLION DOLLAR solution every business owner or professional needs to ramp up and master their profit and performance beginning with their image.

Berny Dohrmann
Chairman, CEO Space International

Because IMAGE MATTERS you can't afford to make the wrong first impression! I have seen and coached success with individuals across every spectrum of our society and have been continuously blown away by Lauren's grasp for the obvious ... IMAGE does MATTER and people form opinions and score you before your mouth ever opens, this is THE essential quick reference handbook for making the right power impression every time. Beyond the pearls in this book you need Lauren on your Success Team today!

Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CSP, PDM, CMC

Publisher, Professional, Best Selling Author, THE MANAGERIAL-LEADERSHIP BIBLE, Thought Leader To The Thought Leaders

Working with Lauren has shown me the absolute concrete value in creating an image that is all your own. This book gives insight to the extent that image matters when it comes to getting recognized at a higher platform for your expertise. I now have a full appreciation of the difference personal style can make when appearing on a stage, or simply walking into a room. Every day you could meet someone that could change your life forever. How you represent yourself may be the difference between having that conversation…or not. No one understands the components of a powerful personal image better than Lauren Solomon.

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