The Heart of Stone

A Novella, by – Adam Knight

Copyright 2012 by Knightfall Productions

Smashwords Edition

O-Ball was in a good mood, four grams of smack normally makes it real easy to feel that way. Business was good. The kids on the street nearly doubled their normal sales for last month's supply of heroin. That kind of profit calls ... no, demands ... for a celebration.

Thus, the party. O-Ball's suppliers were talking about giving the gang leader the funds he needed to expand his territory. They were even footing the bill for

O-Ball and his "main men", as a gesture of good faith on their part. Five tables had been reserved in the gang's favourite drinking establishment, the Night Machine. Needless to say, O-Ball and the boys were living it up and pounding them back.

The Street Masters was what O-Ball had named his "organization". It wasn't the worlds most original name, but he thought it sounded cool and kind of menacing at the same time.

Regardless, the Street Masters were public enemy number one as far as the City of Winnipeg's police force was concerned. As it stood, the Street Masters were just within months of cornering the city's heroin market, almost casually taking business away from the biker gangs. The police were baffled, not to mention outgunned. The police force had already lost the services of nine good officers thanks to confrontations with O-Ball and his gang.

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