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Only the beginning, as far as O-Ball was concerned. As soon as O-Ball's suppliers came through with the necessary cash and weaponry, the Street Masters were going to be taking over everything. The streets. the pigs ... Everything !

As always, O-Ball was wearing an outfit that probably could have fed a family of four for a week and a half. Designer cotton slacks, 180-dollar Doc Martin steel-toes, a stained white undershirt, with the look of a Calvin Klein. Finally was his trademark, a glistening leather jacket with metal plates decorating it's shoulders and sleeve cuffs. Around his neck were several thick gold chains, rings on most of his fingers and in both ears. His hair was shaved to the scalp on the sides and back while the thick mound on top was slicked back and meticulously combed. Adjusting slightly in his seat, O-Ball made sure that his glock was still comfortably in place at the back of his waistband and reached for another drink.

His "main men" consisted of four people. Slyck, Daco, She-La and Dave. All of them were having a righteous good time; stoned, drunk and ready to party 'til dawn. There were several women practically hanging off O-Ball as he sat in his seat. The dark-haired cunt on his left was making a point of catching his eye every time he looked over. He could fuck her anytime he wanted. No question. No problem.

No challenge.

The other four tables were filled in a similar fashion. The street kids who had gained the most scratch were there, getting felt up as much as the others by the street hos. Pinko, his little Asian dealer in the south end, was certainly getting a bit eager. He had his pants open and was trying to get his bitch to go down on him right there in the bar.

Glancing over his shoulder, O-Ball made sure that his bodyguards were still on their toes. He motioned one forward. "Tell Pinko to do his fucking pants back up. He knows he has to wait 'til later." His guard nodded briefly and went over to Pinko. The kid didn't look too happy about it but he didn't say anything after O-Ball caught his eye.

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