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The Little Catfish

by Shannon Lee Martin

Copyright 2012 Shannon Lee Martin

Smashwords Edition

Any similarities between persons, places or things, living, dead, or otherwise, is what it is.

* * *

There was once a little Catfish, in a little catfish pond, but the little catfish wanted to be a big Catfish, in a big catfish pond, so he could have some friends, because he was the only catfish in the little catfish pond. But he couldn't find a way into a big catfish pond, until one day a shiny thing came from the world above. He remembered that all the other catfish left the pond by grabbing the shiny things from the world above.

That must be the way to a bigger catfish pond, said the little Catfish to himself. So he grabbed the shiny thing from the world above in his mouth.

Ouchie!, he cried. That hurts my mouth!

The next thing the little Catfish knew, he was seein' nothin' but a big, bright light.

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