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Sold to the Mob Boss (Breeding Sex Slave)

Published by Adriana Rossi at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Adriana Rossi

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Jamie watched as her father rapped his fingers on the felt table, his hands nervously clenching over his hand of cards. The four other players sitting around the table watched him as he continued to glance at the river of cards and back at his own hand. He wiped the sheen of sweat from his forehead. A small pile of chips lay before him.

“We’re waiting, Arthur.”

“Fuck off.”

Her father was always testy when he gambled. It looked like he was going to lose again. Jamie coughed softly, her eyes burning with the cigarette smoke. The small hotel room was crammed with people, mostly men, who kept glancing down her cleavage. Jamie pretended not to notice even though a small smile would play on her lips whenever she caught them at it. It was intoxicating, being around so many men who thought she was attractive. The men, whoever they were, always wore slacks and black shoes made of Italian leather. A constant stream of cigarette smoke was always rising from one of their fingertips. Two burly-looking guards kept watch on the door. An array of choice cold cuts lay on a tray next to the felt table, along with cheese and sliced bread.

Her dad always took her to these games (which she suspected were illegal) because he thought that she was good luck. Jamie wasn’t sure about that. She distracted the men, but wasn’t really good at winning games for her father.

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