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Unless you kill me right here, right now, life will go on for me much as it did before you found me.” He lit another cigarette, and waved it around in the air like a firefly, taunting the Bounty Hunter driving the van.

Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. In two hours you'll be behind bars, but I don't see any point in arguing about it.”

You're the one that started asking the fucking questions, not me.”

Yeah, well, it was my mistake. I don't want to hear your mouth again.”

What, are you gonna come back here and gag me? I think not. You barely got me in this van to begin with, and I've already called your bluff on pulling the trigger once. Need I do it again?

The Bounty Hunter was silent. A little while passed, and the Bounty Hunter spoke again.

How could you? How do people like you exist? If I hadn't ah caught you in the act, with that roll of toilet paper burning in your hand. . . How does a guy like you get up and look at yourself in the morning? There ain't no reason for that kinda shit. If I wasn't a law abidin' citizen, I would take you down a dirt road and shoot you myself,” he spat.

You mean, if there wasn't a fat wad of cash in it for you takin' me all the way back to Arkansas, right? Because some Senator's paying a fat reward, right? I torched his niece, niece? It's all about the money for you, of course.” The man took the last drag off his cigarette, and stamped it out on the metal floor.

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