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Dave Michael Rogers

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Germany 1965

First-Sergeant Jack Welch drove all eighty-one days of the Red Ball Express during World War two, mostly the ‘deuce and a half’ as the GMC trucks were nicknamed.

Jack had been the youngest driver in the US Army, having lied about his real age. He loved his job then and still loved it now over twenty years later and was now probably one of the longest serving drivers.

He wasn't sure who he really worked for any more. Assigned to the Seventh Army and driving special assignments for Lieutenant General Sandy Patch. The Office of Strategic Services appeared to provide most of his work and when that was disbanded at the end of the war Jack assumed his paymaster became the CIA, but he never questioned it.

Operation Overcast produced a lot of technology that was new to the allied forces, and after the recruitment of German Nazi scientists, their equipment catalogued and placed in secure storage facilities.

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