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Sweet Days of Summer - All is Okay and Other Wisdom Stories

"Well done, intriguing, draws on the inner self, funny yet sincere - one of the best works I have read. Very few have a perfect life, few write about it, few question it, very few ponder it, usually they just go with it each day, many do not try to understand it. Your writings have a way of making one look at self, perhaps as never before." ~~ JW North

"Pat Ruppel is a gifted writer who speaks from the heart. The stories in her e-book, "Sweet Days of Summer - All is Okay," spoke to me of her experiences as a child and adult, and provided me with a chance for introspection at my own memories and wonderings of events that have happened throughout the years in my own life. Pat's stories are told in such a way that makes me feel like I am talking with her and learning from the wisdom of her experiences. Her writing is easy to read and understand, and makes me want to tell my own stories. I hope to hear more of Pat's stories in future blogs and e-books." ~~Teri Rueth

"Connection and common ground, that's what Pat's stories are made of. Listening beyond her own ego, Pat's writing springboards us into a world of how we make a difference in each other's lives." ~~ Sandy Summerwood


Sweet Days of Summer - All is Okay and Other Wisdom Stories

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