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Curious Jim

“NOOOOOOO!!!” shouted Harry “It is still too strong.”

A puff of smoke cleared and he paced back and forth through the lab in his bedroom.

Harry Wannabe was an aspiring mad scientist. He wore a lab coat and blue jeans. His coat was filthy due to all of the work he had been doing on his latest experiment.

He gathered up some soda cans, so that he could turn them in for deposit at the corner store for enough money to get a pepperoni roll.

In the next room, Jim Wannabe played video games intently one handed while he ate pizza, sent text messages, and smoked questionable hand rolled cigarettes simultaneously. He had pale skin and bags under his eyes and his teeth were stained due to years of neglect. He relaxed on his bed wearing only sweatpants. There was no sheet on his soiled mattress that was lying on the floor, and no box spring or frame under the mattress either. On the floor next to him was a slang dictionary that had most of the pages dog eared. His room smelled of a mixture of smoke, sweat, and booze, although around dinner time it smelled of chicken strips, baked rolls and the warmth of his mother's heart. She favored him over his older brother Harry. He could do no wrong in his mamma's eyes. Jim carried himself as a tough guy. He was the type who gave intense stares and said “What are you looking at?” when anyone looked in his direction. Both Jim and Harry should have left the nest long ago, but they both lacked the proper skills to function in the real world due to their mother's mollycoddling. They continued to live with their parents like two man boys under a warm blanket.

Jim swayed back and forth concentrating on his game play.

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