He says, “I need you to save my planet. You were meant to be here. This small town doesn’t really exist.” I look at him like; he has just grown two heads. I say, “Did you have to grab me like that; you scared the crap out of me. You’re lucky, I didn’t bring a long my baseball bat. I would have hit you.” The guy says, “By the way my name is, Sam. Well I had thought that was what woman liked. I guess I was very wrong about women.”

My name is Melody. You can call me Mel though. Think of it from a woman’s point of view. I’m hungry and tired from a long road trip. All the sudden you grab me and sit me down in a chair, before I even have a chance to say anything, but scream at you.” Sam says, “Well I really had no option. I had to have you save our planet.” Why me, can’t you get somebody else to save the planet? There is nobody else here but you. You must be the right person, because you found this town, which has to mean something. You see, no one else, but the chosen one can find this place.Ok what do we do now then? If I am to save this planet as you call it, where is it? I will show you, hold onto me. I grab a hold of him and we somehow get up into the air. All of the sudden I start to feel weird again. We are in the sky now. I can now see the stars. It feels like, I can just about touch the stars. I even reach out briefly. Sam says, “You better not do that, you just might get burned. If I am to take care of you, you must not get hurt.

You see, our planet has been taken over now, by an evil queen. She is running the place. You were meant to run this place. We call the name of this planet we are heading to December.”Is there some food at this place called December Sam? I am so hungry I could eat a horse.” Yes, they have all sorts of food from around the world here Mel. All you have to do is say what food you want and it will magically appear. Is there a limit to the food I can get Sam? “No Mel, there isn’t a limit to the food you can get. It’s like a buffet, but with more food than ever. Plus the food isn’t dried out like at the buffets.” Yeah Sam, “Buffets aren’t my favorite either. At least I can get fresh food at this place.”

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