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A Cat’s Eye View of the City

Patricia Gaydos
Theodore Grillo

Copyright Patricia Gaydos 2012

Published Patricia Gaydos. Publishing at Smashwords

One day I realized Ted, my owner, was moving things out of our house one piece at a time. Slowly, things were put into boxes and taken away. Two people, who I did not know, came to our house one morning and looked at our big refrigerator. The next thing I knew, Ted was helping them carry the refrigerator out of the house. After the people left, Ted moved the small refrigerator that was upstairs down to the kitchen and placed it in the spot where the big one once sat.

Just when all of this moving was going on, Pat came into my life. Ted introduced us and told her my name was Solomon. My usual response to the girls that Ted brought home was to bite them on the ankle, just to let them know not to get too friendly with me. But Pat was different ─ she made me feel good. I liked her.

One evening Ted and Pat came in the house, each carrying a cat. When they put the cats on the floor, I immediately hissed at them. I was not happy with the idea of strange cats being in my territory. When Pat introduced me to Tiger and Precious, they sat still while looking at me. They didn’t even try to fight with me. I was confused.

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