Blue Moon Magic

Ann Marie Bradley

An Original Anthology Publication of

Highland Press Publishing 2006

Copyright © 2006 Ann Marie Bradley

Cover copyright © 2006 Deborah MacGillivray

Published by Highland Press Publishing at Smashwords


A castle. Not just any castle, but her castle. Well, not hers, really, but the one that had haunted her dreams since she was a child. And now here it was in plain view. Sitting on the white sands of Key West, Florida. Claire Jacobs peered out the window of the taxi. Hotel Castle called to her. Built in 1886, the hotel had been fashioned after a European country castle, complete with round, ivy-covered towers and turrets. The taxi continued down the flagstone drive. Claire closed her eyes and pictured a grand horse-drawn carriage transporting her home to the castle in her dreams - and her prince.

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