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The Boss’s Daughter

Of all the days to be late for work, Keisha couldn’t afford this day. Her dad had been less than enthusiastic about hiring her as his new receptionist for the shop, but they were both in a bind. Keisha had been fired from her retail job at the mall, because she was always late, and her dad’s old receptionist, Mary, had quit a few days ago without giving any notice. ‘Larry’s Wheel and Auto’ was the last place that Keisha wanted to work, but if she planned on going on that cruise to the Bahamas with her friends in a few months, she had no other choice. At eighteen, she still lived at home, and had no bills to speak of, but her parents only paid for college, not extracurricular activities. Only because she was a daddy’s girl had her father given in, and agreed to let her work at his shop temporarily. He’d warned her not to be late this morning when he left, but Keisha hadn’t crawled out of bed until well after ten. Her shower, hair, clothes and makeup had taken another hour, and it was almost noon by the time Keisha pulled into the tiny parking lot designated for employees in the back of the shop. The shop opened at 7 a.m. sharp, and her father had told her to be there by 6:45. Keisha grimaced as she checked her wavy locks in the visor mirror one more time before climbing out of the car. Just because she worked at a mechanic shop didn’t mean she had to look like one.

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