The First Child’s Plan

By Janr Ssor

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I sat at the captain’s chair and scanned the news. It was delayed about 4 minutes in transit from Earth. The 2022 headlines read, “US Triton Saucer Ship and 4 astronauts to land on Mars 12:30 AM EST!” We were one of the several news events that were holding the world captive for the last 2 days. Our ship, Triton, was hurling towards Mars at a previously unbelievable speed of nearly 600,000 mph. The last space event to capture this many of the worlds eyeballs was the moon landing over 50 years ago. Unfortunately, below this headline was the dreary death count of what we had at last agreed to call global warming. It estimated over 10,000,000 people had died, over the last 6 months, from the latest heat wave impacting the African Continent. In addition there was the unexplained now quarterly flu epidemic, which was believed to be the result of a leak of GMO virus from a bioengineering firm. It was depressing to think of all the death and suffering while we were living a dream, thousands of years old. With as drastic a situation as was now blanketing the Earth, a mission like our would normally have been scrubbed; however, speculation was that NSA, the National Space Alliance, had pressed to speed up this program to look at Mars as a home for Humanity should life on Earth be threatened with extinction.

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