Why Bad Things Happen to Good People: Busting the Myths of Karma, Hell and Punishment

By Reginald Martin

Copyright 2013 Reginald Martin

Smashwords Edition


Karma is not as you have been taught

Contradictions disempower you

The science behind spirituality

E = MC2 is scientific proof that you are energy

The first law of thermodynamics is scientific proof you are eternal

String theory is scientific proof we are multidimensional beings

The myths of karma and hell blocks you from unconditional acceptance of self

Why bad things happen to good people

You are one drop in an ocean of vibration

What about fate, destiny and free will?


Karma is not as you have been taught

This ebook is to put forth one idea that can aid you in your quest for personal transformation and transcendence. It will be one that will challenge you to make a paradigm shift. I define a paradigm shift as a change in perspective that changes your perception about your world and your experience of it. Any change or transformation requires a shift in perspective. Once you shift the perspective you have the ability to create a totally new experience. The average person believes that once they see change then they will change. But what most do not recognize is that ALL change occurs from within first and then the world you see reflects that which is within you. Your definitions/beliefs about the events within your in your world is what creates your experience of it. I will go a little more in detail later on in the book about this idea.

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