Bent Over the Boss' Desk

By Rebel Annie

Janie is good at her job. As a paralegal at O'Cuiv & Goodchild, she's over-worked, but well-paid. In fact, she is paid almost as much as new associate attorneys at the firm. Janie reports directly to Justin Goodchild, one of the named partners. Her work had to be exemplary, and it was, but it didn't hurt that she did not have to follow the dress code rules. While the attorneys had to don full suits every day, only black, blue, or gray, as a paralegal Janie had free reign to dress in business casual. Which to her meant skin tights miniskirts and low cut cleavage camisoles. She was drop-dead gorgeous and many of the female associates often made snide remarks about her apparel or her shoddy work. Each and every one of those associates shut up once they actually worked with Janie and realized the quality of her legal research, briefs, and memorandums.

Each morning as Janie pulled on her lace thong and matching bra, she would fantasize about Justin and what it would feel like to have his large hands roaming her body. She had a crush on her boss since the very first day she was hired three years ago. Justin was just old enough to have the silver-fox gray hairs coming in, but young enough to still mountain bike every weekend and make the ladies swoon over his good looks. Over the years Janie's skirts had gotten shorter and her ample breasts were shoved into tinier tops. She was steadfast in her refusal to flirt with the boss, but she knew eventually he would seduce her. Possibly even take her right on his grand mahogany desk overlooking the downtown skyline.

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