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Adios Amigo

by Robert C. Waggoner

Copyright 2013 Robert C. Waggoner

Smashwords Edition

Adios Amigos

Robert C. Waggoner

My name is Jose and I live in Mexico; or I should say I used to live there; because I'm leaving soon. I'm not sure how old I am as I've no record of my birth. I live with an old woman who took me in when I was left on the church doorstep. She taught me how to read and write; bless her soul.

I'm not sure where we live, but it's not in a big city that's for sure. Mountains are all around us and some small fields where I work growing vegetables. It was in this field where I met my friend Alin. He came one night to visit me and he became my best friend. Let me tell you the story.

It was summer time and very hot. We always took a siesta after lunch. After our siesta we went back to work. Because it was so hot that day, my granny, I called her granny, but not my real granny as I've no idea who that might be. Anyway, that night it was too hot to sleep, so I went out where the garden was. It seemed a little cooler by the plants. I lay down and looked at a zillion stars in the sky.

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