Can I be as I believe myself or as others believe me to be? Here is where these lines become a confession in the presence of my unknown and in unknowable me, unknown and unknowable to myself. here is where I create the legend wherein I must bury myself.”

- Miguel De Unamuno

* * *

Dear reader.

As many of you know, my cousins and I have published a great variety of books since starting Campfire Publishing. Alternative contemporary fictional always appealed to us, but we were also attracted to historical fiction, biographies, poems, short stories, children’s books, and a wide-variety of non-fiction.

6 months ago my best friend since college suddenly vanished. Val was investigating the mysterious disappearance of her father and her Uncle Reese. Interestingly, her grandfather mysteriously disappeared before Val was born. She once told me that there was no real investigation into her grandfather’s disappearance. He was always traveling to Africa and South America and Asia and he would disappear for months and months at a time. There were reports that the ship he was on sank on its way to the Kerguelen Islands.

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