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Copyright 2012 Bethany and Megan Payne.

First Smashwords Edition.

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A Very Merry Christmas

a short story

Bethany and Megan Payne


A Very Merry Christmas

The Carlson family Christmas was going to be a good one. Jim and Mindy, the parents, had enlisted the help of Benjamin and Wesley, the sixteen- and fourteen-year-old sons, to come up with something special to do to bring extra warmth and joy to the season, and they had decided immediately that whatever it was, it had to especially honor the Lord. When they thought and thought—looking very much like the two little boys they once were instead of the two young men they had become—then consulted with their father in the study about needs in the church where Jim served as Associate Pastor, they finally decided to quietly and unobtrusively, even anonymously adopt a family for Christmas and make theirs the best Christmas ever.

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