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Robert T. Overton

Copyright 2012 by Michael J Heinrich All Rights Reserved

Published by Oxsteam Publishing, Publishing at Smashwords

Moscow. May, 1945.

Stalin ordered the bent and broken body of Adolf Hitler to the Kremlin. It is carried from the smoldering ruins of Berlin in a small plain wooden crate identified only by the label: Wooden Indian, J. Stalin. Everyone knows not to touch.

Stalin, surrounded by the smoke of his cigarette and some members of the Politburo awaited the arrival of the package with a dour expression. Stalin’s moustache, in contrast to the night Berlin fell when it stood straight and firm with joyous excitement, droops. The others noticed Stalin’s mood and maintained a strict silence, but the silence annoyed Stalin and he ordered them to talk. They had nothing to talk about though and sighed in relief as a squad of Red Army soldiers wheeled the body into the Kremlin infirmary.

They place the crate upon an examination table and pried the cover off. Stalin smirks as he gazed in on the opened eyed corpse of Hitler. Half burned clothes clung to the half burned corpse.

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