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The Assassin


Robert T. Overton

Copyright 2012 by Michael J Heinrich All Rights Reserved

Published by Oxsteam Publishing, Publishing at Smashwords

Rocco threw the baby against the wall knocking a cigar from its mouth. His beady eyes grew wide as the baby slowly stood and shook its head.

“Damn,” the baby muttered. It looked up at Rocco with broiling fiery red eyes.

“I’ll get you, you Goddamn assassin!” The baby charged and grabbed hold of Rocco’s left leg. Rocco reach for the gun in his shoulder holster, but the force of the baby knocked him backwards. He crashed to the floor dazed.

The baby stood up and stared dumbfounded at the aluminum leg in his two small pudgy hands. “A crip?”

Rocco sat up, his back pulsed with pain. “Gimmie back my leg!”

Rocco’s fist lashed out and connected with the baby’s jaw knocking it unconscious, sprawled on the blue shag carpet.

Rocco pulled up his pants leg and reattached his prosthetic leg, his eye glued to the prone little body clad only in a white cloth diaper. He grabbed his straw hat which fell off during the assault and stood up. An orange band circled the bowl of the hat and matched the orange bow tie and beige and orange plaid suit that padded out his aging and meager frame. Rocco brushed himself off with his hands and after pushing back a falling lock of white speckled black hair dangling between his eyes replaced the hat on the top of his head.

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