“I have studied the book and I liked particularly the chapter ‘The lightness of being’ and the lines – Last but not the least is the big delusion… that the ego-self is the ‘doer’.”

– A. P. J. Abdul Kalam,
Former President, Republic of India

Stop Sleepwalking Through Life! is secular in its appeal and happily free from Hindu esoteric ideas (for the lay like me) like ‘Upanishadic, Brahman’ and associated Vedantic jargon. At the same time, there is unobtrusive assimilation of all the lofty thoughts found in our ancient teachings.

– A. S. Padmanabhan, IAS,
Former Chief Secy. To Govt. Of Tamil Nadu

“I found this to be very educative… In particular, the idea that ‘we should enjoy the present rather than worry about the future’ … Also, the conflicts of the ego-self are brought out clearly; these are the conflicts that we as teachers and coaches need to continually work to resolve in today’s highly competitive world.”

– M. Krishnakumar,
Management Consultant
and Tennis Coach, Kinesis, Bangalore

“This book takes the mystery out of the awakened mind and provides a context in which to utilize its teaching of awareness, in one’s everyday life experiences.”

– Patt Lind-Kyle,
Author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up

Stop Sleepwalking Through Life! resembles the content that one would find in the Upanishads, Zen Buddhism, Taoism or the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti.

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