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The challenges faced by humankind in the 21st century require the inner awakening that Dr. Menon writes about. Reading the book would be an excellent start, to be followed by reflection, discussion and personal exploration/validation.

– Sudhir Krishna,
IIT Madras alumnus 1976

In this invaluable little book he questions the way we lead our lives. Having raised these questions, this book does not provide readymade prescriptive answers like many of the self-help books. This I think is the uniqueness of this book... I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is feeling restless in life and is sincerely seeking peace of mind, happiness and contentment.

– Dr. R. Gopinath, Bangalore,

“This book seeks to arouse the discerning intellect dormant among most human beings, and thus address a vital goal of education. It must, in my opinion, be the first book on any course in collegiate education. I have used the book in some of my courses and I have found that it has helped my students get out of the slumber, and identify a destiny and a destination.”

– Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary,
Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Madras, Chennai

“This book is a brilliant piece of work, especially commendable for the sheer lucidity with which the metaphysical dimension is presented. I enjoyed it immensely.”

– Subir Chakraborty, Chief (Marketing),
SF Division, Exide Industries Ltd., Kolkata

“I haven’t read anything more truthful and refreshing. I guess when truth strikes, it strikes hard.”

– R. Shiv Shanker, University of Illinois,
Urbana-Champaign, USA

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