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Tilly Jupiter

copyright 2013 Tilly Jupiter

Space is a funny place and the science that gets us out there, exploring it, is funny too. If you try to think about it too seriously it can make your head hurt the way it does if you try to do your own taxes. People are even funnier, both odder and more comical than either space or science. As a result, I live in a strange and sometimes absurd world, and create worlds even odder that are often enjoyable precisely due to those qualities. I hope my visions tickle your intellect--the serious part of us always can use a good laugh..

Tilly Jupiter


CHARLES WOKE to a gorgeous morning. His lovely Rakell lay stretched out beside him, her coppery body naked. Lazily he stroked the pale green line that ran down the center of her back until she woke. She raised her head and smiled at him and he knew she was waiting for his signal before reaching for the button to alert Andy. He stretched languidly and considered whether he would make love to her now or after breakfast.

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