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The Sheriff gave me a briefing when I arrived. He informed me that a call came in that morning reporting the disappearance of the victim, Miss Connolly. She was seen leaving a local bar, the M-- Lodge, with a contractor, Scott Walsh, around 10 p.m. Saturday night. The victim has been arrested a handful of times for drunk and disorderly and minor in possession, so the local police didn’t list the case as a priority immediately. This morning however, the Sheriff’s office received a call from the foreman on a worksite to the southeast of the city where a customized log cabin was being built wondering if their contractor, Mr. Walsh, happened to be held up in their drunk tank. He wasn’t, but now that both parties were missing, they had more than enough reason to start a search.

The Sheriff fell on a bit of luck and found them in the first place they looked: the hospital. They called the local medical establishment, St. Johns Hospital, and found that Mr. Walsh was brought to the psychiatric ward on Sunday morning by an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Brehm, who found him wandering along a country road about ten miles southeast of the building site. After interviewing the couple, they were sent on their way. The Sheriff told me that after seeing his state and interviewing Mr. Walsh to the best of his ability, he decided to call the State Police who contacted us, the Special Case Unit. He also said I should interview the witness/suspect myself.

I arrived at St. Johns Hospital at 6:30 p.m. The hospital staff informed me that Mr. Walsh was under careful supervision. Upon his arrival, Mr. Walsh had apparently begun spouting off gibberish and crying uncontrollably, and the staff had had to sedate him. He woke up once around midday Sunday and became violent. The staff was able to pin him down, and he was placed in restraints and sedated again. I asked if he would be awake for questioning, and I attained a doctor’s permission with her opinion that I probably wouldn’t get much out of him. The doctor informed me that the previous dose of sedative would soon be wearing off, and that Mr. Walsh would soon be awake. I was told that a couple of the larger aids would be standing by should Mr. Walsh decide to become violent and somehow get loose of his restraints.

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