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Jesse Sublett, photo by Todd V. Wolfson

Jesse Sublett is an author, musician and artist currently based in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Lois Richwine, a son, Dashiell, and three cats. He writes fiction and nonfiction, poetry, music, journalism. His published novels include Rock Critic Murders, Tough Baby and Boiled in Concrete, published by Viking Penguin USA between 1989 - 1992. His nonfiction books include History of the Texas Turnpike Authority and Never the Same Again: A Rock n’ Roll Gothic.

Jesse’s formed the seminal punk rock band the Skunks in Austin in 1978 with cohorts Bill Blackmon and Eddie Munoz. Jon Dee Graham replaced Eddie Munoz on guitar in 1979 and the trio still performs several times a year to their intensely loyal fan base. Jesse still performs, most often as a solo blues singer.

Follow and/or contact Jesse at for updates and links to his new music and new books and other works. Digital versions of his work are available on Amazon and the iBookstore or iTunes. Some of his other works, including Rock Critic Murders, are available as an enhanced iBook for the iPad, with music, video and graphics.

Jesse’s memoir Never The Same Again chronicles his first two decades as a musician in Austin and Los Angeles in the blues, rock and punk scene, and the traumatic ordeal of his girlfriend being murdered by a serial killer in Austin in 1976. In 1997, when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer and given a four percent chance of survival, Jesse decided to reinvestigate the case and write about it. He also rededicated himself to writing and playing music, and beat the odds. The story is riveting, sad, funny, tragic, life-affirming.

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