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Stephen D. Sullivan

Novels & Collections

The Crimson Collection

Martian Knights & Other Tales

Luck o’ the Irish

Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns

Tournament of Death: The Empyrean Keep

Tournament of Death 2: The Deluvian Temple


The Dragon Isles

The Dying Kingdom

Warrior’s Heart (Catriona trilogy)

Warrior’s Blood (Catriona trilogy)

Warrior’s Bones (Catriona trilogy)

Legend of the Five Rings

The Scorpion

The Phoenix

The Lion

Spider Riders

The Shards of the Oracle

Quest of the Earthen

Reign of the Soul Eater

And more…

E-Books & Stories

Elf Princess on Mars (regular or illustrated Elf Erotica editions)

Heart of Steam & Rust (steampunk)

Ghosts of 9/11

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