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(A hidden miracle in the midst of horror, a message for our time)



Having always wished that my great-grandmother, who lived in Maryland during the Civil War, had written some personal notes as to what it was like for her at the time, I decided to write some of my memories of World War II for my family and generations to come. Included in my notes are dates and facts to verify the writing. It puts a human touch on History.

Chapter 1-The Lean Years - 1930's

The stock market crash of 1929, found everyone looking for work and few jobs to be had. My dad drove an old Model T Ford at the time. He would take us for Sunday rides and even though they were the lean years with little money to spend because of the depression we accepted things as they were.

Occasionally, on a Sunday he would take us out to the local Curtis Wright Airport to watch the airplanes take off. The small airplane was coming of age.

I saw a small bi-plane, the kind with top wing and a bottom wing, a crop- dusting plane. My brother was very much excited to see the airplanes, and was destined in the future to learn to fly. We all enjoyed those visits to the airport so much. Sometimes dad would drive us to the suburbs which were very much country farms then. Few people had cars in those days so traffic was minimal. A Sunday ride was a special treat and we would stop to buy an ice-cream cone. Life was so simple and peaceful then. The adults had worries but for us children all was good. Our ice cream cone was only 5 cents.

One time we took a vacation trip and the car had a running board along side the car and dad strapped our luggage there and put a gate to hold it on.

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