A Lunchtime Relationship

I’ll give you a good time for ten bob,” a sleazy old boy creeps out of the dark doorway of a corner shop in Shepherd’s Bush.

I was sixteen and ten bob was ten shillings, fifty pence now. His offer didn’t impress me. It wasn’t meant to.

Since then temptation has come from a different source than that: the power of chemistry that lights our sex drive, the exciting smell of sex, his breath, her breath, as lust turns into desire, as the lightest touch sends a current of electricity through the body, skin tingling. It is a divine feeling. I love it. I want more. I want that feeling when my eyelids close and I relax and sink into a sensual trance, when anything goes; where there is harmony between my mind and body and my voice says yes to everything. I want to hear myself moan with pleasure once more, to hear my breath quicken and the intensity of lust and desire peak.

What a shame, it is now only a memory. I’m too old, and perhaps too wise, to fall into sexual mischief. I hang onto my memories like a sentimental fool rereading old love letters. Wouldn’t it be fun to have just one more adventure, one more tussle between the sheets, of panting and passion? Is it too late? Can chemistry evoke lust again?

Well, that was a surprise. I’d only popped down to my local bookshop to order a book. I had heard a review of it on Radio Four’s book programme. I only just noticed him from a sideways glance. I chatted to the owner with light banter as I know him quite well. He, the figure lurking in the background joined in. Funny little chap, stretching full height to all of five foot six. He was elfin looking, a sort of squat shape with white hair that was thin, almost balding and cropped close to his head. I noticed his eyes were a pale something behind his rimless spectacles, but smiley, very smiley. There was something quite endearing about him. Perhaps it was his age, possibly about eighty, and his elfin look. As I was leaving he came over and started chatting me up. I was so taken aback. I haven’t been chatted up for about ten years. Those days are long gone and I miss them.

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