Milked By The Aliens

An Erotic Alien Abduction & Lactation Fetish Story

Part 1 of the Alien Sex Zoo series

Copyright 2012 Luna Loupe

Jessie is a buxom young cattle rancher who lives alone on her family farm – until one night she spots a UFO and everything changes when she is abducted. How will Jessie handle it when the tables are turned and the rancher becomes a milk slave in a strange, perverted alien zoo?


Right up to the point where Jessie saw the UFO, it had been a normal day. Just another routine Wednesday where she made the long drive from her ranch into town, for all the things she needed and wanted: groceries, news, companionship...

She was still smiling to herself from the compliments paid to her by an especially sweet, handsome young man at her favorite bar as the sun started its leisurely dip below the line of the horizon and she began the long drive home. Running her family’s old-fashioned cattle farm wasn’t easy, sure, but it was satisfying – her days had a comfortable rhythm to them, and she enjoyed the routine.

The sky passed through clear blue, wine-red and a whispering dusky purple as she drove the winding, narrow road through flat fields. Here and there were clusters of grazing or lazing cattle, neighbors’ for now, but soon enough she’d see the familiar double-disc brands that marked her own property.

The two discs were one of her earliest memories, as her grandfather had held her up to see the family brand on a docile cow’s hide. Sometimes Jessie liked to pick the shapes out of the scenery, imagining her family’s mark on the land: in the shape of cracked mud, in the clouds – even in those two glowing discs in the sky, growing brighter, like they were coming toward her –

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