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By Surendra Sahu

Copyright,2012 Surendra Sahu

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There are millions of writers all over the world. They are all trying to earn money and respect and fame. But how many will be contributing to the literature like Shakespeare, Milton or Conrad or Balzac. Of how many writers’ works will survive a century? I too wanted to be writer. Why? So that people may recognize my merit. So that I will become immortal through my works. So that I may become rich and famous. It is necessary to understand the true role of literature and its relationship with art . Also what is poetry, a novel and a poet ? These have been discussed. What is art? What are the qualities of good literature? Who is a true writer? What is art and how should an artist live? I have tried to find answers to these questions by reading he lives of Nobel prize winners of literature and other revered figures of literature whose works still appreciated even decades and centuries have passed by. The essays will be revealing to anyone who wants to become a writer and the views of other writers the process of writing. I hope the readers find these essays informative and useful. I hope these essays make the reader think seriously about writing and become a successful one.

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