A Hero Unto Death

By S.E. Batt

Copyright 2012 by S.E. Batt

Smashwords Edition


The village of Dirtstead did not see much action. An idle farming community far from any kind of city or town, the only topics of conversation that buzzed around the double-digit community were of the soil quality, rainfall amount, and if Old Bertie's cow had gone berserk and injured yet another innocent passer-by. The houses were rudimentary, the farms were designated with crude fencing and string, and every road became a source of lost shoes every time it rained. Everything about it made it confusing as to why the Goddess of Destiny chose Harold the farm-hand to be the hero of the entirety of the world.

Goddesses usually acted in silence with the utmost of secrecy, which made it even more confusing when priests across the land all received a vision from the Goddess of Destiny, showing a man in his early 20s setting off from the humble village to defeat the Evil Wizard Galgathon. Even more shocking was when Harold himself received the vision on the very same night. His parents always told him that early bedtimes and eating his vegetables would pay off in the future, but if they told him it'd be anything like this, he wouldn't have discreetly fed all his cabbage to the pigs. Announcing his quest to the village, he set a time and date for when he would venture off into the great unknown and vanquish the evildoer. Both the date and the time was now.

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