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by Robert C. Waggoner

Copyright 2013 Robert C. Waggoner

Smashwords Edition


You might think I’m wacko and I guess most would agree with you after I tell you what happened to me one Sunday morning. I love the Sunday paper as it takes me all morning to wade through it. Sunday is my day of doing absolutely nothing that is important.

As usual I went to the front door to get the paper. The paper boy is a good one and always makes sure it is next to the door out of the weather. I opened the door and looked down and no paper. I looked left and right and no paper. I started to get mad as I looked up and to my utter amazement; I was looking into my back yard.

As you might guess my mouth was hanging open as I saw the long grass that needed mowing and my fence that had a third of the boards missing. I slowly turned and went back into the house shaking my head. My first thought I was losing it and going to have a stroke or something like that. I'm not that old I thought. I'm only forty eight and in not bad shape.

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