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Nicholas antinozzi

Published By: Nicholas Antinozzi

Copyright © 2013 by Nicholas Antinozzi All rights reserved.

Smashwords edition

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Stan Goobash smiled as he caught his first glimpse of Lake Superior in the purple morning light. Northbound and nearly alone on Interstate 35, despite the hundreds of times he had driven this stretch of road, Stan’s eyes darted back and forth from the road to the harbor. Stan’s eye fell on one of the great ships as it crept through the mist and headed to its birth. With Marie asleep in the passenger seat, Stan’s ears popped as the freeway neared the bottom of the hillside. The race was over. Up ahead, Stan could just make out the Duluth skyline and the skeleton-like shape of the Ariel Lift Bridge.

In a wisp of fog, Stan exited at Lake Avenue and took Canal Park Drive toward the lift bridge. As if they shared an intimate secret, a pair of joggers waved to Stan as he approached the bridge. Stan smiled and waved back. Two hours from now, the city would be awake and Canal Park Drive would be clotted with holiday traffic. The tires of the Dodge hummed as they crossed the steel grating of the bridge. Marie’s eyes popped open and she straightened up in her seat. “That didn’t take long,” she said, stretching her arms and arching her back.

“I’m glad we left early,” said Stan.

The bridge led to Minnesota Point, known as Park Point to the locals, a narrow island that protected the harbor from the wrath of Lake Superior. Park Point was seven miles long and the Goobash family cottage, which had been in the family for three generations, was on the lake side. Wrapped in redwood and topped with a cedar shake roof, the cottage, with its four turrets and many dormers was actually a three story house and one of the grand old homes on the Point. Stan’s grandfather, Norman, had nicknamed it the cottage to irritate the locals. Stan nosed the Dodge Charger into the driveway and parked in front of the garage.

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