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This autobiographical account of a young woman’s struggle to get free from physical, emotional, and spiritual bondage will captivate you.  Experience with her the life-changing events that preceded her incarceration and that played out while she was in prison.  Although real and raw, this story is uplifting for those who have experienced gang life or drug trafficking, as well as for those who can only imagine what it’s like to be entangled in urban street drama and the vicious cycle of violence and injustice. Through the saving grace of a loving God, our heroine was delivered from her plight even before she was released.  She is sharing her story to encourage others who may be bound, even without being locked up. Her experience is riveting, as she delicately brings you through her pain, fear, and anger, then ultimately shares her overwhelming joy and peace. You’re invited to take this journey from the bondage of deception through years of imprisonment to the true freedom and liberty from the physical, emotional, and spiritual chains that seek to enslave us all.

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