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Chapter Seven: Westward Ho

Chapter Eight: Arabian Adventure

Chapter Nine: Grass Roots

Chapter Ten: Parenthood

Chapter Eleven: Third Time's a Charm

Chapter Twelve: False Hopes

Chapter Thirteen: Relax—You're Home

Chapter Fourteen: Living the Dream

Epilogue: A Stunning Revelation


I have written my memoirs to tell my story to family, friends, and especially my descendants. It can also be used as a history book for the Hay namesake. These memoirs are my recollection of life events, described to the best of my knowledge and memory. I recognize that some event memories may differ from another's memory. My memoirs are not intended to offend, harm, or deceive anyone.

P.S. Thank you, Karen (the apple of my eye), for your enduring patience and the encouragement when I wavered. You are and always will be my ROCK!


Howdy. Come on in and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?

I have invited you here today to tell you an intriguing story. The rich and famous are not the only ones who can live an interesting life. I guarantee that my tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. But, before I begin, you might want to use the bathroom, because once I start, you won’t want me to stop.

Here is an excerpt to wet your appetite:

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