Multicolored Boogs

Jim was in his bedroom playing video games while lying on his soiled mattress. His nose itched something fierce. He scratched it repeatedly. He thought, he hoped this had nothing to do with that experimental nose inhaler that his brother Harry had invented. He didn't even know what it would do. He just snorted it up into his nose when Harry wasn't home last month. Jim stuck his finger up into the edge of his nostril and his eyes rolled back into his head. They started to water. He was in ecstasy.

Inside Jim's nose an alert had been triggered. A bloody booger at the edge of the nostril ran inward to get away from the beastly monstrous finger. This booger was known as Red to his friends due to his blood red exterior. He ran deep into the nose and looked for safety until he found an entryway to a strange booger village. He met another booger that was yellow named Yummy Boog. She was a very attractive booger, almost irresistible.

“Hello there, I don't believe we've met,” said Yummy.

“There was this crazy thing that was after me,” said Red breathing heavy. “By the way, my name is Red.“

There was a rumbling noise.

“What was that?” said Red.

“It's a monster by the name of finger,” said Yummy.

Several boogs heard her say the name finger and ran in fear. All of the boogs in the area had evacuated.

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