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by Dawn Harshaw

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Copyright 2013 Dawn Harshaw
Smashwords Edition


Being always right is easy. When you don't know something, say: "I don't know."

- Dreamer's Handbook

Nerat stumbled, but that didn't slow him down. He scampered on all fours until his balance was restored, and continued running.

Go, go... Don't stop... His breathing was erratic. I'll make them regret what they did to us...

The plants and trees of the forest thrived due to ample sunlight, high humidity, and leftover radiation from ages past.

Nerat's mind focused on keeping the body running without losing consciousness. His subconscious used whatever emotions it could to achieve that goal: fear of death, of motionlessness, and a burning, but wholly unrealistic desire for revenge - sprinkled in with a dash of excitement. The fear of the known overpowered the fear of the unknown.

Born in captivity to the Crimson River clan, Nerat's mother raised him the best she could. Childhood was denied to all young ones - the vampires kept them fed, but treated them like cattle. When she died, he mustered the courage to escape.

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