A New Beginning

The Interstellar Republic battlecruiser Antares was two weeks into the current leg of its end run around the battle lines between the Republic and the alien Morro. The Antares was making her best cruising speed, a high multiple of the speed of light, in order to return to the Republic as soon as possible. The Antares was being forced to take the long way to the Republic lines due to the overwhelming Morro forces standing between her present location and the Republic. Unfortunately this meant the return to the Republic would take at least five standard years.

Petty Officer Mev Van Zehe, last High Lord of Venda from Venda, was not troubled by the long journey the Antares must make to return home. With the surface of Venda destroyed and now lifeless from a Morro assault there was little left in the Republic that he had any interest in quickly returning to. And with a life expectancy of several thousand years there was little reason for Mev to hurry about anything.

Mev and the others in his small group, Kathleen, Sheila, Anna, Medron, and Zira, had moved to different quarters, although their new space had not really been designed for human habitation. Sheila’s stateroom had just been too cramped for five people and a robot, even when most of the group slept on the floor there was barely room for them to fit. After searching through the ship for several days Mev and Sheila had finally found an empty storage compartment that somehow had not yet been already turned into another makeshift berthing area for the overcrowded battlecruiser. Sheila used her influence as an officer in security to gain permission for everyone in the group to move into the empty compartment.

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