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Text Junkies


Written by: Kim & Katie


Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Kim Wyman & Katie Dunham

All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1

Worland Gazette

The Souper Bowl Was a Souper Success!


Lily Lungren

Local elementary students recently participated in a fundraiser in an effort to transform the historic Kirby Theater into a new Youth Art Center. Students in the after- school art program called Art Academy created clay bowls, filled them with delicious homemade soups, and sold them at the theater. The group raised a whopping $950! To make the event even more special, Fred Faure, the owner of the Kirby Theater, has a great-grandson who participated in the fundraiser. Karter Dunmar, pictured above hands his great-grandpa, who is on the Youth Art Center board, the check. Thanks to all fifth graders for helping to make our community a better place!

“What a great article!” gushed Anna. “And you got your picture on the front page of the Gazette! Way cool, Karter.” The fifth graders were standing around by the bike rack after school on Friday afternoon, reading the article. The weather was cool on a late November afternoon as the kids prepared to head home.

Karter blushed and thanked Anna as all his other buddies gave him pats on the back. “My great-grandpa was really excited. Many groups in town are doing other fundraisers, so it’s only a matter of time before the Kirby Theater is changed to the Youth Arts Center.” He paused for a moment, fingering his phone. “I wanted to send you all the picture to your phones, but since we all don’t have….” His voice trailed off as Kolter, Anna, and Charlie dropped their heads.

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