Once You Try Black... - Part One: My Daughter's Boyfriend by Daniella Donati

The first part in the erotic short-story series Once You Try Black about interracial sexual desire.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or to other works of fiction, is purely coincidental.All sexual acts depicted are between consenting adults aged eighteen and over.

The author specifically disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book.The author promotes sexual fantasy and self-pleasure as a healthy, harmless pursuit and does not condone or encourage promiscuity or debauchery in any form.

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Once You Try Black... - Part One: My Daughter's Boyfriend

It had been a few years since my divorce and I was living with my socialite daughter Abigail, getting used to life in the forties, and wondering when I would start to feel like dating again.My ex-hubby hadn't exactly put me off men for life, but I wasn't desperate enough to venture into the dating scene yet.My daughter told me that I was regarded as a 'hottie' by her friends, even a 'milf' by some of the male ones, which was flattering but I didn't take it too seriously.I'd always kept in good shape though, and I suppose I'd gotten used to a few heads turning whenever I walked down a street.My daughter tended to have a similar effect on men and seemed to have a new boyfriend every week.I confessed to my friends that the ones she brought home with her always seemed to flirt with me, and as several of my friends were keen cougars, they were always encouraging me to get a younger man of my own.Even my best friend Jen had succumbed to the craze, confessing to me one night that she'd let a young black guy chat her up in a bar and took her to a classy hotel where they had sex all night.She confessed with a giggle that 'making love' was not the correct phrase. "It was pure fucking, and it was fantastic....".

I had her words ringing round my ears for weeks, feeling a sense of excitement every time.Maybe the thought of meeting a guy just for sex was starting to appeal, Jen certainly made it sound like the most fun you could possibly have.Maybe also what excited me was the taboo aspect, after all it was only recently that older women could sleep with younger men and have it be acceptable.There was still a taboo around white women enjoying black men in their bed, so combining the two seemed like a heady combination to me.It was only a few weeks after this that my daughter told me she had started dating a young man called Tyler, that he was the only son of a rich businessman.She added casually that he was black, and my ears pricked up.I was keen to appear the cool, modern mother who thinks nothing of interracial dating.

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