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The Starting Method

Take a nice warm shower first thing in the morning. It is very important to feel completely relaxed, because you cannot achieve this task if you feel uncomfortable. Stay in the shower as long as it takes and feel the beauty of the water on your skin. Afterwards, take your time to moisturize your body with your favorite body lotion. You should feel completely relaxed. Next, using the mirror, look into your eyes carefully. Examine yourself, and then tell yourself, “There’s no way I’ll ever find that perfect man...”

I’m sorry? What exactly do you mean?

You really thought I would give you the details of a ritual to enable you to find the man of your dreams, didn’t you? Sorry, but I’m giving away nothing, nada, zilch!There is no magic recipe telling you how to find your soul mate. The universal system does not operate like that. It’s not like the concrete world.You cannot reach your goals using shortcuts in the system of the universe. Even if you feel that you’ve found a shortcut, sooner or later you realize that it is an illusion, and you may end up paying a higher price in the end. For example, you may earn money easily and become rich, but you will not find peace or happiness. You think you’ve had a spiritual awakening and decide to sell this knowledge, but one day you will wake up with no light or energy in yourself at all. Or, you may think that you’ve found your soul mate, but then you walk in on him with your best friend. Do I sound too pessimistic—I don’t think so. I’m only telling you the things I’ve observed and experienced in life so far. If you really want to have something in life, you can have it, but you cannot gain it using shortcuts or ready-made recipes. Ok, how? Well, let me explain...

What is a Soul Mate?

If you’ve read books about spiritual issues before, or if you are already on a spiritual journey, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of soul mates. It is one of the first steps on your spiritual journey. In theory, the unification of soul mates refers to when a single soul, which has previously fragmented, is reassembled from its fragments over the course of a lifetime. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? In other words, you are uniting your own soul when you meet your soul mate. The minute you see this person, you realize that you are completed, and an incredible love story is waiting on your doorstep. I’ll wager that as soon as you finish this article, you will start searching for your soul mate, probably thinking the first person you meet will be “the one.” However, the reality is different. If you follow this path, you may be very disappointed and depressed at the end.

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