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Under The Doctor's Control

(A Reluctant Fantasy)

by Patsy Highsmith

Copyright 2012 by Patsy Highsmith

Published at Smashwords

Vanessa sat across from Dr. Thompson. They were in his private office, where she had just explained to him that she wanted breast augmentation.

All my life I've struggled to attract men. But they always go for the girls with bigger boobs. I never knew what I could do about it... but then my career started to take off... and now I can afford to do something about it.”

The doctor nodded. “Breast augmentation can certainly cause men to notice you. Would you mind removing your shirt and bra for me, Vanessa? Let's see what we're starting off with.”

Vanessa unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, exposing her modest breasts to the doctor's gaze.

The doctor studied her breasts. After a few moments, Vanessa started to redden. She wasn't used to being stared at in that way by a man – even if the man was a doctor.

Well, you're certainly a suitable candidate for breast enlargement,” the doctor said. “We could go up to a D-cup if you wanted.”

Vanessa nodded eagerly. “Yes, doctor! That's exactly what I want! A real pair of breasts, the kind men love!”

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