Jesse Ellsworth

Leah Symonne

Copyright 2012 Leah Symonne

Smashwords Edition

Jesse Ellsworth

Jesse Ellsworth was just another girl whose mission was lost in translation when she lost her way. Her story isn’t a very complicated one. She got involved with the wrong crowd, and sooner rather than later she was consumed by her own need to devour herself and please this crowd. 

Jesse had promise. You know when parents have two children, and there is always one child that they put all their hopes and dreams into, and the other they allow to float and do what they like? Funnily enough, Jesse was the one who held the hopes and dreams. Jesse was street and book smart, she was good at anything she tried, and she was obviously one of the most beautiful girls in the world. 

One of Jesse’s not so awesome traits is that she used to be a dear friend of mine. A role she never cared too much about, understandably so. It was because Jesse and I were simply not compatible. It’s strange how we were brought together. We met through a mutual friend, and were closer than close for a while. When she used to be like me. We used to be interested in all the same things. Then we drifted farther apart than the North is from the South Pole. They say opposites attract, but at some point or another they go their separate ways. 

Jesse always had an agenda. Everything she did, she put her all into it, and that’s what I admire most about her. Her agenda was listed from most to least important. By her standards, although it wasn’t listed on her sheet, she was looking to be a part of a certain crowd, primarily. During Jesse’s life, she was constantly under everyone’s scrutiny, and she wanted some escape from that. Everyone had the highest expectations of her. We all knew what she was going to do in the future before she did, or had a chance to think about it. Her life was a set, straight path leading her to success. My life, on the other hand, is a cloud floating by in the sky. Only, my cloud isn’t up in front. I am that really small one at the back that no one can make a shape out of. I am jumbled up fuzz, tagging along behind the guppy, the star and the turtle, acting as if I belonged. 

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