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“This book has all the answers and the [survivor stories] really hit home. This is a major disease that needed this type of resource. It's been almost two years now and the one problem I still have is my memory; I am afraid that I will never get my memory back.” – Steve Sederstrom, Legionnaires' survivor

"An informative and valuable resource.” – Mike Clinch, London, Legionnaires' survivor

“Legionnaires Disease will kill you if not treated correctly immediately! I survived and highly recommend Matt Freije’s book as a primer to teach you how to protect yourself and your family from possible exposure.” – Mark Fooks, Glendale, AZ, Legionnaires' survivor

My Doctor didn't recognise the symptoms for Legionella. It was only when I suggested to be tested that we discovered I had LD. Eight years later, I still suffer from memory and concentration issues. – R. R., UK

I was just recently released from the hospital and nearly died from Legionnaires’. I have no idea how I got it. – G. R., Amherst, NH

Protect Yourself from Legionnaires' Disease
The waterborne illness that continues to kill and harm

by Matthew R. Freije

Copyright 2010 by Matthew R. Freije

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