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Fair Trade


Dylan Cross

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Published by Dylan Cross

Fair Trade

Copyright 2013 by Dylan Cross

Kneeling before the sofa in her blindfold, Joanna made her way up, making sure to drag her big breasts against his thighs. A thrill ran through her as she felt Steve’s hard cock against her cheek.

Kiss it.”

Demurely, she began planting kisses on his cockhead.

Start lower, slave.” Joanna moved her kisses to his shaft, planting her lips along the thick vein which ran up the side of his cock. It still wasn’t good enough: “Lower. Kiss my balls. Lick them, you sleazy tramp.” He pushed her head down to emphasize. Joanna’s tongue lashed out at his scrotum, as she alternately kissed and licked, then sucked each of his nuts into her mouth, one after the other.

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