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Posh Piss Boy

Sofia Bane

Copyright January 2013, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Gabe, get up,” said Christian as he leaned over me. “Busy day today, we’d best get an early start.”

My boyfriend was a pro-Dom in our local sex scene, and tonight he was throwing a black tie dinner for the scene. I don’t know, the idea amused him. In any case, I threw off the sheets and scrubbed my sleepy face with my hands. “Yes, sir. Where should I start?”

Dust the dining room, please, then mop it.” With a flourish he had pulled a list of chores from his back pocket. “Make sure all the china is clean and set out. Wash the windows, - ”

All the windows?” I interrupted incredulously.

He nodded. “Of course. And no need to get dressed yet,” he added as I reached for the drawstring of my pajama pants. “I would rather see you get started on everything that needs to be done.”

He was dressed and cleaned up, immaculate as always. But I would go about the morning in my flannel pants, then, and nothing else. Christian ducked into the en suite bathroom and brought me my toothbrush, but after I had brushed my teeth and was about to use the toilet, he put a gentle hand on my shoulder. “I’d rather you didn’t.”

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