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Bovodar and the Bears: Part Three, Into the Windy Wild

Written by Jack Mikkelson

Smashwords Edition


Bovodar and the Bears: Part Three, Into the Windy Wild

Copyright © 2012 Jack Mikkelson

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Cover design by Aksel Lauridsen

This story is a fairy tale. It is not based on any real events.


Special thanks to Shelby and Alisha for helping me to edit and revise this story.



Charging Into the Windy Wild

"I hate this!" squeaked Grep.

"For once, I agree with the mole!" shouted Webang. "This is an absolute waste of time! Why are we running off into the wilderness, when we should be turning around, preparing to battle for our revenge? Those deer will pay heavily for what they've done to us! How dare they!"

"I was talking more about the journey as a whole," yelled Grep. "I can't relate with you, Mr. Webang, speaking of war and revenge and all that. I was thinking more about just going home."

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